In recent years, there has been a push-back to the value that consultancy should bring. Increasingly it is added to a balance sheet because in the past a project did not reach it’s full potential.

Running exclusively sprints, with the aim of being marathon ready, will only ensure you never get there.

Invest time and energy in things that have value.

Techlete Ltd will not undertake significant project work, without the required documentation and planning.

Setting up for success

Most projects that fail, do so due to undisclosed requirements, things the purchaser may assume “naturally follow”, but are lacking in a final deliverable.

Additional strain can come from assets not being available for immediate use for delivery.

Ultimately, it would be very hard to compete as a business if everyone simply buys off-the shelf parts and does the bare minimum to keep up. By engaging in the process, you set yourself and your delivery partners up for success.

There is a way forward

By engaging in pre-project planning, a discovery phase, experiments to prove the unknown, we can chip away at raw ideas to expose value without needing to start from scratch.

In the software world, everyone claims to be AGILE. At Techlete Ltd, all work is iterative, with every small piece of a project documented using KanBan, which allows for changes to be accommodated in a bill of works.

For known, quantifiable work, we can structure this as an initial commodity phase, with a flat-price and setup ongoing support for snagging, iteration and future success.

Experience wins

With nearly two decades experience from ground-floor to executive leadership, common pitfalls can be avoided; regulations and broader organisational goals met.

  • Identify the outcomes stakeholders need
  • Work together to form a plan
  • Divide plan into individually deliverable parts
  • Deliver each part
  • Test
  • Iterate
  • Win

I know that when starting out in business, I thought I knew exactly what I was doing. Reality has proven that no matter how sharp the skill-set, time doing something is of more value.

Lewis Cowles – Director, Techlete Ltd